It’s Okay To Eat The Cookie


It’s Okay To Eat The Cookie

Like most of us, I had a moment this morning where I felt stress creeping in. All of a sudden I didn’t want to face the day. My mind wandered into the kitchen and I thought about eating the chocolate chip cookies I knew were in there. That’s all I wanted. I made the decision and went to the kitchen and ate 3 with relish. (Cookie Monster would have been proud!)


An hour later I was walking down the street feeling a bit better.


Is this the best way to start your day if you feel like crawling back under the covers? Maybe for me, but not for you…


Coaching stressed out professionals, I see and hear about stress paralysis often. The joy is gone and there doesn’t seem to be a way out. Even with all the advice online, it often doesn’t help my clients take the next step.


Why is that? The reason is because we’re all wired differently, and what works for one person will not work for the other.  We all respond to situations depending on our previous experiences and emotional headspace. Which means, that each of us need a different solution. There is no one size fits all in solving your key to happiness.


Let’s try another approach when dealing with the on-set of stress paralysis.  Next time you’re feeling stuck, first of all know that it’s OKAY. Seriously! Sit down and take a breath, or go back under the covers and be patient with yourself. You’re going through A LOT. It’s okay to feel terrible and not be able to get yourself out of it. Instead of giving yourself the ‘should be’ talk or listening to someone else giving you that talk, try saying to yourself, Meh, it’s just a crappy day and I’m going to take it one step at a time. Slow down and breathe.


Now ask yourself this, what do I really need to start feeling good enough to take a step? Quietly listen to your mind, body and soul. What is it telling you?

Now, give yourself permission to give yourself some self-love. Do it. Cancel a meeting, go for lunch with a funny friend, take the day off, read a trashy magazine – whatever your body is telling you to do.


Just know that you don’t have to solve it immediately and, that you actually can’t. Your brain cannot function effectively when it has cortisol (hormone released by stress) raging through it. Try to be present, process it, and go through the trauma. Be kind to yourself and allow it. When you’re ready, DO WHAT FEELS RIGHT FOR YOU to help you take the next step, and if it’s eating 3 cookies in a row to get you out of bed, then DO IT.


Now that you’re listening to yourself, take the next step to feeling better about the stress in your life. Create a List of Pure Joy