Marketing Born Free for Small Business


Marketing Born Free for Small Business

And SHAZAM! Mighty Good Marketing is born. What’s absolutely crazy-scary-cool is the fact that I had this idea last year and put it on my vision board thinking it would be a great goal for my 50’s. Have you ever tried a vision board? This was my first time and nobody prepared me for the fact that it actually comes true. Yeah, everything I put on that damn vision board is happening right now. Excuse me whilst I do a silent panic scream behind a curtain. (J/K).


So here I am! Running a business that focuses on a few of my favourite things, people, marketing and this planet. (Although raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens are pretty cool too.) Let’s dig a little deeper shall we? Why do we need ANOTHER marketing company in this city full of them? It’s not just enough that I’m passionate about these things. When it comes down to it, who cares?


This is where you come in folks. Over the years I have listened and talked with many small businesses, entrepreneurs, and also felt the pain working with a not-for-profit organization. All of them said same thing. (And some pretty much yelled it.) We need a marketing strategy and plan with little investment, and one that is not overwhelming or complicated. A plan that is frankly, intelligent, fun, creative and tailored to our business personality.


Boom! That is why Mighty Good Marketing was born. We’re a business focused on creating low investment, fun and creative marketing plans for small businesses like you, who care about people and the planet.


Here’s what I want to do for you. Ideas can be free, so can education. Let’s just blow all those other companies out of the water when they try and tell you that you have to pay for that. I am so frigg’n passionate about the fact that it is MANDATORY for your business to have a marketing strategy and plan in place to be successful, that I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure you have all the tools to help you – with NO EXCUSES. ;)


First of all however, check out our free workshops. In fact, pick up the phone right now and call us for a free consultation. I’ll come over and let’s talk business. See what your challenges are. What your vision and goals are. Then, we’ll figure out a budget.


In the meantime, here are 5 reasons why if you don’t currently have a marketing strategy or plan, why you MUST have one:

  • The better your marketing, the bigger your profit. (No brainer there)
  • It is ESSENTIAL to your survival and growth. (Seriously, I’m not sure why so many businesses don’t get this.)
  • Your competitors are either better at it, (and making more money btw) or your competition is not doing it. (Get in there!)
  • Your customers have short memories. The moment you stop, they forget.
  • Your market is always changing. Toronto is the biggest multi-cultural melting pot with new people arriving every day and new businesses opening up.


Those are just 5 reasons.

Until next time…over and out.





P.s Here’s our number: 416-792-5257