Meet Patience & Commitment


Meet Patience & Commitment

Hello small business peeps! Did you know that 97% of Canadian businesses are small business? Of course you do because you’re smart. You also know the blow-your-mind benefits to being a small business, right?

(Just in case, note-to-self – write article about marketing benefits for small business).

Today I’d like to talk about my two favourite words when it comes to marketing (other than THE holy grail word - profit).


Meet Patience and Commitment.


How do you feel about these two words? Do they give you chills? Or do you feel quite comfortable with them? Perhaps you don’t even see how they are relevant.

For those that fall into the chills or relevancy bucket, please read on.


Have you ever invested in the stock market? Had children, been married, run a marathon or owned your own business? All of these things take incredible patience and commitment for them to be successful. Marketing for your business is the same.


Developing a marketing plan and being committed to it is an investment into the future success of your business.


If you are not committed to your marketing plan, then you will not succeed. I hate to be a negative Nelly, but it is a fact. Like running a marathon, your goal is to get across the finish line (which is 26.2 miles btw. Not 2 miles – not 10. But 26.2!). Having a marketing plan is the same; you can’t just give up 2 miles in because you don’t see the finish line. You must keep running – rain or shine, blisters or cramps – YOU KEEP GOING.

Having the patience (and faith) to trust that you have trained and prepared, you stay committed.

You must have the same attitude about your marketing plan and efforts. You will definitely not see results in 30 days, probably not in 60, maybe in 6 months but definitely in a year. It takes TIME, PATIENCE and COMMITMENT.

Are you prepared to run that marathon?

Do you need a cheerleader or a coach for training?

We would love to pump you up and get you on the right track.

Call us. Let’s go for a coffee/wine/beer/pina colada or sparkling water and talk business. It’s free so why not?