NFI Friday


NFI Friday

Here, at Mighty Good Marketing, we’re all about marketing #4themightygood. What I find interesting is that people associate the word ‘good’ with nice and sweet. Why can’t good mean a little bad-assed for good cause too?

Well we’re going to change that. Just because we’re passionate about people and the planet doesn’t mean we can’t swear occasionally right? ;)

Here’s what I propose. Because part of our mission is to bring small businesses together, why don’t we get this party started by providing a platform for voicing our marketing challenges? We all have them. That one thing on our list that we keep skipping over and that nobody on the team seems to have the ‘right kind’ of solution for?

That problem that wakes you up at 3:30am sweating about? Or that problem that you ‘keep getting the evil eye’ over at the boardroom table? (If you have to sit at one of course…).

The bottom line is this. We’ve decided to hashtag Friday’s to #NFI Friday. What, pray-tell does this stand for? 

No Fucking Idea Friday.

Wowsers! I’ve just used the F bomb and I feel so devilish (ly good!). We’re going to open the platform here on our Blog, Twitter and Facebook. Do you have a challenge that you would love some thinking/ideas from some of your fellow marketers? We would love to help.


Let’s do it.