The Ten Spot


The Ten Spot

Each week at Mighty Good Marketing we go hunting for local small business brands that are making a big impact and are really engaging with their customers and clients. We feature them, learn from them and share their success story.


Let’s talk about women and beauty in the city. I have long admired The Ten Spot brand and think for all small businesses out there, this is one to learn from. These gals have nailed it when it comes to customer engagement and basic rules we should all follow. (Kudos to Jay Conrad Levinson for his passion and help for the latter.)


  1. Have a look at their website. The Ten Spot. What’s the first thing you notice? They have CREDIBILITY. For their customers, this is essential when it comes to touching private parts, nails and toes with tools that must be sanitized. What would your customer like to see first?
  2. What’s the second thing you notice? It’s NOT ABOUT THEM! Yes folks. It’s all about their customers. Their home page is dynamic and features loyal fans posting their favourite mani’s etc. They are not only passionate about giving good service; they love to have you on their front page.
  3. They are FLEXIBLE. We have spoken and they have listened! You can now have a glass of wine with your mani/pedi. Are you flexible? What simple thing could you do differently that would help your customers?
  4. Speed. In this day and age we all want it now. I’ve worked both client-side and agency-side and hear the same frustrations. (I want it now… you can’t have it right now.) Folks, speed is CRUCIAL to survival. You simply have to figure out how to deliver right now. And The Ten Spot do just that.
  5. This sounds old fashioned and a little anal, but they are tidy and clean. What impression do your customers/clients have when they walk into your establishment? First impressions mean EVERYTHING in business.
  6. Customer service. Whether you call, read their website or walk-in, you are greeted with a smile, a sense of fun and professionalism. They live and breathe their brand.
  7. The value they offer is crystal clear – The ultimate beauty EXPERIENCE.  Yes prices are high, but who cares if you know you can expect cleanliness, safety, cool staff, a glass of wine and beautiful nails and privates at the end of it? What are you offering? Would I know the moment I experienced your brand?
  8. Finally, the one item on the list that most small businesses forget about – they are EASY to engage with. I can book online with my favourite gal. They have everything I can think of that I would need. What do your customers need that would make their life EASIER?


Thanks #thetenspot for being so amazing! You deserve all your awards and we hope you continue to grow!


If you are a small business with a great brand – or you know one, send it to us! We love writing about fabulous brands and success stories.